The problem with this recipe is not only that it’s so easy and tempting but that ingredients are always to hand when a late night sugar pang attacks.

You’ll Need: (serves 2)

*     2 Bananas

*     Handful of Raisins

*     1 Tbsp flaked almonds

*     125 ml Double Cream

*     Vanilla Ice-cream

*     A few squares of Dark Chocolate

*     Splash of dark rum

*     Toffee sauce (The M&S toffee sauce is brilliant for this)


*   Place raisins in bowl and add a good splash of rum. (all the better if marinated for a few hours)

*     Toss almonds into pan on a low heat to toast.

*     Whisk Cream (Cream isn’t really necessary but it makes it all the more indulgent)

*     Split banans down the centre.

*     Add a couple of scoops of Ice-cream on top of bananas.

*    Sprinkle rumsoaked raisins n top of ice-cream.

*     Drizzle toffee sauce over each plate.

*     Add a scoop of cream to each and scatter toasted almonds on top.

*     Finally, grate chocolate over each and serve.

To vary:

If you don’t have almonds or want to vary this a little you can crumble some Ginger nut biscuits and flake over the ice-cream.

Recipe inspired by Jamie Oliver via Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meal Iphone App