This is very much a recipe of opportunity knocked together by the coincidence of what was in the press as opposed to any set recipe or particular plan. It was a delicious accompaniment to a backed sweet potato.

(I really must invest in a camera. The Iphone camera doesn’t do this it’s yummy justice.)

You’ll Need:

A small can of chickpeas, drained.

Small Handful of Pine Nuts

3/4 slices of black pudding

Medium Serving of Feta, crumbled.


Break the pudding up into crumbs and place in a medium-hot pan with a small splash of olive oil.

Cook for two minutes then add the chickpeas. Cook for  further minute to warm the chickpeas.

Add the pine nuts and cook for another minute.

Take off the heat and add the crumbled Feta.

Serve. Easy chickpeasy!