I first sampled this robust little starter on a trip to Italy last year.  Served warm and full of flavour, I wasn’t entirely sure what it consisted of but it was cheap and delicious and I ended up ordering at almost every meal.

Don’t let the dull grey appearance of the paté fool you, this is a flavour smacking creation of tastiness. Served with some home-made Melba toast and a glass of wine its perfect comfort food for cold winter nights and an excellent authentic starter to an Italian meal.

You’ll Need:

Starter for 4-6 People

*     300g of chicken livers .

Chicken Livers can be a little hard to find but a good butcher should be able to order some in if they don’t normally carry them.   I got mine from the local Butcher, Noel Kavanagh in Glasthule  for the princely price of only €3.59.

*     Large Glass of Red Wine

*     2 medium Red Onions. Most Tuscan Crostini Recipes call for white onions but I love the flavour of red.

*     Olive oil

*     1 Cup of Chicken Stock

*     Anchovies

*     Butter

*     Ground Black Pepper


Clean the chicken livers, chop into medium chucks and eliminate the fatty parts. Place the meat in a bowl and marinate in the Red Wine for at least 15 minutes.